About Us

Who we are:

An independent supportive community of trainers in the international youth work sector that advocates on behalf of and contributes to each other’s professional development.

Members of the IYWT Guild are …

… trainers
… working in international context across Europe and neighbouring countries
… working in the field of youth
… applying non formal educational methodologies
… committed to the Guild’s pledge, values and Code of Conduct

What we do:

Members aim to ensure defined quality standards in the delivery of international youth work training activities. The community endeavours to have a positive impact on Youth Policy, non-formal education and professional practice as part of life-long learning at all levels within Europe and neighbouring regions. It will do this by communicating recommendations to decision makers and advocating on behalf of its members.

Our vision:

A strong and connected community of international trainers in the youth work field.

The IYWT Guild is a member-led and richly diverse group of professional practitioners and is open for all trainers active in the youth work field regardless of: gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion or belief and ability or disability.

We want the IYWT Guild to reflect its membership and the needs of its members, therefore we strive for it to be an authentic platform for participation, engagement and representation. Through membership, trainers take the responsibility for getting involved in the work and priorities of the Guild. Membership is an important way for practitioners to promote the organisation’s direction and therefore  the organisation is shaped by its members.

What the Guild stands for:

– peer support & a sense to belonging to a community
– recognition of international youth work trainers
– advocacy and a unified voice in the fields of non-formal education, training and youth work
– professional development of international youth work trainers
– quality development

What the Guild offers to its members:

– structure for peer support among colleagues
– opportunities to work united for the recognition of our profession
– advocacy opportunities and a unified voice in the NFE, training and youth work fields
– professional development and networking opportunities
– a platform to share and discuss relevant information about training and youth work
– support and assess the quality of trainers’ work and competences
– a personal 360° feedback tool and a standard process to develop the competences of trainers and the quality of your work in general

Our principles:

Our principles are based on our pledge, our values and a Code of Conduct. Please find more information here.

How we got there:

The Guild is still very young. Relevant meetings of trainers and stakeholders to find common grounds have taken place in Ireland and Hungary in 2014, the Guild was then officially launched during the ToolFairX conference in December 2015, and we have received approval of our registration as an international association based in Germany on April 6th of 2016. Read more about the history and development of the Guild on our blog.

Our structure and procedures:

guilderinhosDecisions, directions and governance of the Guild is through the General Assembly of the members and this happens on an annual basis. The present duties and implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly is by the presently elected Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is supported by a range of working groups and task forces and these include for example; membership working group, marketing and PR, policies and procedures, human resources and internal communication, and many more. The work of the Guild is presently carried out on a voluntary basis and to date have no office and employed staff. The current members of the Steering Committee are Sabrina Apitz (Germany), Buzz Bury (UK), Kerstin Giebel (Germany), Mieke Neven McMahon (Ireland), MarCus Vrecer (Austria), and Anna Yeghoyan (Armenia)

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