Formation of the core group

Newly established core group

Following the two checkpoint sessions it was identified that the core group should be established to be responsible for co-ordinating the next steps for the network following this meeting. Several participants put their names forward and all the participants had the opportunity to vote to agree the core group nominations as a whole. Twenty of the participants voted to accept the nominations and one abstained from voting.

The newly formed core group is made up of…

  • Sabrina Apitz
  • Buzz Bury
  • Zora Csalagovits
  • Mieke Nevan
  • Natalia Nikitina
  • Yuliya Stankevich
  • Marcus Vrecer

As previously stated┬áthe core group may not necessarily be responsible for implementing all of the actions but will act as a co-ordinating body to keep the network moving towards it’s goals.

It was also clear that the members of the core group may change as has been agreed in the organisational structure group through elections at the annual assembly meeting.

The group are now working to identify actions for the task specific working groups and establish who will be responsible for working on them.

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