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Our association unites international youth work trainers who fully commit to and comply with our mission, the pledge and the Code of Conduct of the Guild and who are willing to actively contribute to the Guild’s activities. Every member is required to follow the Code of Conduct during their training activities and provide possibility for their participants to report in case the member of the Guild breached the conduct.

In a nutshell, what you can expect from joining the International Youth Work Trainers Guild and what we stand for is: quality development, recognition, peer support, place of belonging, advocacy and unified voice, professional development, professional benefits and security. We hope this resonates with you and that you would like to join us!

We accept applications to join us all year long. Contact us to express your interest in joining the Guild. We will send you a membership application form shortly.


The IYWT Guild offers three different levels of engagement:

Member (50€ annual fee):

This is for international youth work trainers who fully commit to / comply with the mission, pledge, values and Code of Conduct of the Guild, and who are willing to actively support/contribute to the Guild. Members need to provide references concerning their work as trainers, as well as confirming their commitment to and compliance with the Guild’s standards. Members commit to a 360° Professional Development Appraisal process. Members get the full benefits of the Guild: quality development, recognition, peer support, place of belonging, advocacy and unified voice, professional development, professional benefits and security. An annual membership fee of EUR 50 is required. Members can vote in the General Assembly and be elected to the Steering Committee and Membership working group.

Associate (30€ annual fee):

This is for anyone who supports the mission, pledge, values and Code of Conduct of the Guild, and who is an international youth work trainer. References concerning their work as trainers are requested, and an annual fee of EUR 30 is required. If wished, associates can receive coaching and training on their pathway to become trainers fulfilling all quality standards of the Guild. Associates can attend certain meetings/seminars/trainings of the Guild with a discount of 25%, and can also propose topics to the Guild. Associates get priority placement in Guild activities.

Subscriber (free of charge):

This is for anyone who is interested in the Guild and sympathizes with the cause, but does not wish a further level of engagement other than staying informed and occasional consultation. Can attend certain meetings/seminars of the Guild, but will have to pay full contribution for these events.

Compare the benefits of engaging with the Guild at different level.

Watch this video where our members share reasons, motivations and expectations for engaging with the Guild.


Membership application process

Each applicant’s submission will be confirmed within four to six weeks once the application form will be completed and submitted. After approval, your association/membership will be valid one year from the date of confirmation but only after we have received the appropriate fee. Other members of the IYWT Guild have the right to express their opinion on the membership application. During this process you may be contacted for further clarifications, if necessary

Our process of becoming a member is maybe more involved than expected. This is so to support and promote the professional development of trainers. We encourage you to take your time with the process, and use it as a tool for your professional reflection on your practice.

Members will be required to create a learning path exploring their journey of becoming an international youth work trainer. We invite you to identify and share the breadth of experiences and opportunities as well as the people who have helped shape your present practice. This can be delivered as creatively as you wish; through a Vlog, storytelling, graphic facilitation and any other methods of sharing you find appropriate.

As part of our membership process and as a way of improving and promoting quality and peer support, the Guild is developing, piloting and testing a process of professional practice through reflection and feedback. Our 360° Professional Development Appraisal process invites trainers to assess their own performance while simultaneously requesting feedback and assessments from colleagues, participants and employers, with the aim of identifying areas for development and improving practice. This process is strengthened through peer learning support and a competence framework based on the work of the European Trainings Strategy (ETS) and the Council of Europe (CoE) and adapted for the Guild through consultation by the trainer community. This 360 Professional Development Appraisal is still under construction but identified as an essential part of our membership process.

In case you are an international youth work trainer and decide NOT to become engaged with us, we would be very interested in hearing WHY and how we can improve our services and actions to fulfill your needs. Please give us feedback by sending us a feedback message to

If you want to stay informed about the activities of the IYWT Guild, you can visit our Facebook page or read the Guild’s blog.

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