Enabling failing

Yesterday afternoon the group began with a webinar input from Thomas A Gilliford entitled “Give permission, not forgiveness”. The webinar focused on the idea of enabling people to be comfortable with failure and take calculated risks in order to achieve innovation in their work. Thomas spoke about the approaches used widely in the technology industry […]

A supportive network and preparations for departure

This morning the group came together for to connect ahead of the programme week. MarCus welcomed the participants, gave a short introduction and introduced members of the seminar team who will be facilitating, documenting and supporting with technical requirements. Yuliya then shared the three objectives for the seminar which are… Strengthening the capacities of trainers Deal with […]

Youth Trainers Reboot

The International Youth Work Trainers Guild are coming together for the next five days in Payerbach (Austria) for Youth Trainers Reboot. This new seminar is multi-purpose and brings together participants from 16 partner countries, funded through Erasmus+ and hosted by coobra – cooperativa braccianti. The expert seminar aims to gather international youth work trainers together in […]