What did the Guild give and get during the Bridges of Trainers 2018?

At the end of November, 2018 six members of the Guild of trainers had a wonderful opportunity to join the third edition of the Bridges of Trainers event in Prague, Czech Republic. This international event gathered around 120 people who are active as trainers, work at the National Agencies of Erasmus+, SALTO-YOUTH centres and other […]

Position statement of the Guild on the European Commission’s proposal for the European Solidarity Corps

In response to the call for feedback on the “Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL laying down the legal framework of the European Solidarity Corps” the Guild has issued a statement on behalf of its members with the aspects of the proposal that we consider to pose critical challenges […]

Testimony by Nik Paddison about Bridges for Trainers and the Guild

The most recent edition of the biennial “Bridges for Trainers” conference took place in late 2016 in Vienna, Austria. It allowed for more than 130 stakeholders in the field of European youth work training, especially trainers, to gather, share practices, network, and discuss current developments. The focus of the meeting was put on the political […]

Enabling failing

Yesterday afternoon the group began with a webinar input from Thomas A Gilliford entitled “Give permission, not forgiveness”. The webinar focused on the idea of enabling people to be comfortable with failure and take calculated risks in order to achieve innovation in their work. Thomas spoke about the approaches used widely in the technology industry […]