Name:  Trainer life and how to hack it
Funder: Erasmus+ KA2
Duration: 28 months
Budget: 161 000€
Number of Partners: 4

What’s the goal?

We want to increase the quality and impact of youth work training by supporting trainers in their physical and mental well-being, motivation, and job satisfaction. We will achieve this by developing and curating content that provides holistic guidance and inspiration for trainers in the areas of

  • Physical health
  • Mental health and well-being
  • Travel
  • Legal aspects, ownership and authorship of trainers’ work
  • Self-management.

What will be produced?

  1. A collection of tips/hacks and inspiring stories from trainers covering all the above topics.
  2. A Survival Manual with practical guidance for international trainers.
  3. An online support system for trainers including webinars with experts and live peer support.
  4. A massive open online course on the topics mentioned.

All these resources will be available on the Guild webpage.

Who’s the team?

The project was created and implemented by an international consortium of four organisations. 

  • International Youth Work Trainers Guild, Germany
  • Coobra, Cooperativa Braccianti, Austria
  • Magnet House, Serbia
  • Team MAIS, Portugal

How can I be part?

The project includes many opportunities for trainers and non-trainers to contribute through focus groups, consultations, a residential training course and online events. Feel free to contact one of the partner organisations if you want to contribute.